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“Can You Handle a Couple of Extra Clients Per Week?”



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 Succeeding on the Internet is like finding the perfect plot of real estate. It’s all about location, location, location — specifically, your location on Google. After all, more than 1 billion Google searches are done every single day! Google has become such a big part of our culture that it’s used as both a noun and a verb.

So, if you’re planning on dominating the web, you’ve got to start by dominating Google. But instead of playing the cat and mouse game that today’s SEO has turned into, you can get to the top of the Google results another way — through AdWords.


What does that mean?

AdWords is Google’s own PPC advertising program. With it, you can target specific keywords and even target specific regions. So, if your target audience is made up of people who live in Auckland and want to buy running shoes, your AdWords campaign can be just as specific!

The great thing about AdWords is that the deepest pockets don’t always win. Instead of letting the “big guys” outbid each other for the top spot, Google takes several factors into account when it comes to figuring out which ads go where.

Mastering all of those different factors can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for…

…And that’s where we come in!

We have over 10 years online marketing experience and can make the most out of your Online presence. We know what it takes to create and run a successful AdWords campaign. We know what Google is looking for when it comes time to place ads. We’ve got the expertise to make the most out of your advertising budget.


What we do for you…

We divide our service into 3 parts:


– The Initial Analysis
We’ll start by studying the keywords in your niche to see which ones are hot — and to make sure you’re targeting the right ones. But this doesn’t mean we’ll give you a couple of keywords and call it a day. Instead, we’ll come up with a large list of the best keywords in your niche and work out the top performing ones from there.  

At this stage we undertake an initial research and estimate to work out an estimated cost-per-click expense. That way, you won’t have to deal with any expensive surprises later!

– The Initial Setup

Our experts will start by setting up a Google Advertising Account and making sure that all of those hot keywords are targeted in your campaign. We’ll also set your daily budget and your geographical preferences so that your money is spent only on the exact people you’re after.To further protect your investment a list of negative keywords are also added.

The last step is the creation of some custom made advertisements that are specially-designed to grab your target audience’s attention.

– The Ongoing Maintenance

Seeing success with AdWords means tweaking things along the way to make sure you get the best possible results and ROI (Return On Investment). To do this we have set up a list of specific tasks that our experts will consistently perform.

These include:

  • Modifying each keyword bid to minimise your CPC (Cost Per Click) while maximising your overall volume of clicks.


  • Eliminating the keywords that aren’t generating results, and adding new keywords that could bring you more customers


  • Tweaking adverts to increase CRT (Click Through Rate) and removing poor performing Adcopy. New Adgroups and Adverts are created as necessary


  • Modify the landing page to increase the QS (Quality Score) of each Adgroup which directly helps to drop your Per Click Cost.


How much does all of this cost?


Less than you might think, when you consider all of the exposure you can get!
Our rates start at $69+gst per month, and we ask that all of our clients give us at least a twelve month commitment.
When you see the results pouring in, you’ll want to stick with us for much longer than that!


So, what are you waiting for?


All of the web exposure you’ve ever dreamed of is just a click away. As soon as you hit “Order Now”, our advertising experts will get to work. It won’t take us long to make you a full-fledged web force!


Choose the package that suits you:


Start advertising online
 50 Laser Targeted Keywords, 2 Campaigns, 6 Split Test Adverts
Suitable for adspends up to $1000 per month

Build up your client base
 100 Laser Targeted Keywords, 5 Campaign, 20 Split Test Adverts
Suitable for adspends up to $2000 per month

Take your business to the next level 
 250 Laser Targeted Keywords, 10 Campaign, 40 Split Test Adverts
Suitable for adspends up to $5000 per month



Even More Features…



All of our packages include:

Free Lead Generation Website + Optimized Landing Page (To fit in with Google’s TOS)

A Suitable .co.nz Domain Name

Free Hosting on World Class Servers

A New Email Address Associated With Your New Domain (auto forwarded to your current address)

Free Adwords Voucher to get you started (Currently $100 after the first $25 of paid clicks)

Statistics + more…



 Get Started in 3 Easy Steps



AdvertiseOnline-step1Click The Orange ‘Sign Up’ Button (below)Secure Payments
Once you click, you will see a short payment form where you can enter your payment details. We use Flow2Cash as they are one of the leaders in online payments and are 100% secure.


AdvertiseOnline-step2Fill In A Short Order Form
You will need to enter your personal information and business details. Once completed you will gain access to your Project Area where we will get you setup.


AdvertiseOnline-step3Setup Completed
We aim to have all setups completed within 3 – 4 weeks depending on the speed of your response to any questions we ask. 



Standard advertising plan


*All Prices are in NZD, exclude gst and charged 4 weekly
*Minimum term is 52 weeks
* Above price does not include monthly adspend
*Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc
*All content / sites / Niches must comply with Google TOS